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Covid-19 Changes

Possible Covid Changes If Cases are high in our community

When will in-person school start again?

Our calendar will try to match the public school schedule. As soon as we plan to resume in-person classes (Mon-Fri, 8:30am-12pm & 1-4:30pm), we will let you know.

What happens if USD 497 moves to the hybrid model?

We will likely offer in-person classes on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, but not Wednesdays. The teacher teams may differ during this time due to availability. This part of the plan is also a work in progress with more details to come.

Fall Enrollment Options: (Option Examples from 2020)

LCNS co-op member families have two options for fall enrollment and non-members may participate in an At-home Kit option. To be a member, you must have completed an application, paid your $100 deposit and $35 application fee at some point (no need to redo if you have done this for the enrolled child a previous year), and turned in all required paperwork (KDHE medical, KBI background, etc). 

If you are a co-op member, you will continue to have access to the school grounds for parent-led play time and have access to the Facebook Parent Page and Google Drive. There will be protocols you are expected to follow if you use the school grounds. Play groups will only happen if Douglas County remains in Phase 3 or better, according to the Kansas safe reopening metrics.


All Virtual for Co-Op Members:(example from 2020)

$115 per month for 4 At-home Kits
(includes teacher videos, teacher-led Zoom with students, access to the school)
Scholarships available

- All Virtual option will begin Sept. 8 and continue through December. However, the Zoom sessions will likely not happen every week once in-person classes resume. There may be occasional Zooms from the classroom or when a teacher is available, but no Zooms are guaranteed once class resumes at the school.


Virtual plus Play Groups for Co-Op Members:(example from 2020)

$165 per month for 4 At-home Kits and 4 play groups
(includes teacher videos, teacher-led Zoom with students, access to the school and 1 two-hour, teacher-led play group at the school)
Scholarships available

- Virtual plus Play Groups option will begin Sept. 8 and be available only until in-person classes resume. Once regular classes resume, the choices will be limited to All Virtual or to resume regular, in-person enrollment. 

- Teacher-led play groups will be on Tuesday from 10am - 12 pm and another one to be announced.

At-home Kits will be themed and include:

  • 1 Zoom session with teacher and students (only for co-op members)

  • Teacher reading a story video

  • 2 crafts, with videos giving instruction

  • 1 non-craft activity (music, movement, dramatic play, yoga, etc.)

  • 1 coloring sheet

  • 1 science or cooking activity

Non-Membership At-Home Kit Option(Example from 2020)

While supplies last, families may purchase At-Home Kits, and they do not need to be current or past members of the co-op. This option enables you to pick up a kit and get access to videos via a Google Drive link. No Zooms are included with this option--only kits and pre-recorded videos. 

Each kit (with videos access) will be $25, email for details if you are interested in this option.

Covid Procedures(Example from 2020)

To help keep our children, staff and families safe, we have developed the following plan:

  • Smaller groups of children (10 in the a.m. and 12 in the p.m.).

  • In order to keep students in the same groups everyday, enrollments will be limited to either MWF or T/Th, not M-F.

  • Limited access to the building, and anyone who enters the building should wear a mask and take off shoes or wear shoe covers. (Mask-wearing for children enrolled will be optional because of their age.) Masks and 6-foot spacing are also encouraged at check-in and while parents are on the playground.

  • Teachers will be wearing masks as often as possible (always inside and within 6 feet if we are outside).

  • Hand sanitizer and wipes are available at all entrances/exits to the building.

  • Mass-sharing activities like sensory table and sandbox will be removed.

  • Each child will have his or her own personal playdough, markers, crayons, etc. in their own school box labeled with their name, and it stays at school.

  • Centers and snack groups will be 2 at a table or 2 in an area.

  • Water bottles will be individually labeled.

  • Check-in procedure has been implemented for each child and staff members,  including taking temperatures daily.

  • It’s recommended the same person does drop-off and pickup of child.

  • Common areas to be cleaned hourly.

  • No circle time rug, just giant dots on the floor to encourage social distancing during group meetings like circle time and story time.

  • Daily toys will be alternated to make sure toys get cleaned after each class use. 

  • Lots more outdoor activities.

  • Lots of handwashing!!!

Updated KDHE guidelines require that a child must be fever-free, without use of medication, for 72hour before returning to school. We also ask that your child not attend school if any member of your family has not been fever-free for 72 hours.

We are also expecting families to communicate to us and keep you child home for 2 weeks if they travel to a high-risk COVID-19 area, come in contact with a person that has COVID-19 or are experiencing any symptoms like shortness of breath, coughing, lack of smell or taste, or fever. It is very important that families let us know these things so we can do our best to keep our whole LCNS community safe.

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