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Enjoy a take-home kit with a forest theme, along some videos made by LCNS teachers. Enjoy hearing Forest Child by Marni McGee. Sing along on a Bear Hunt adventure with the teachers. Learn about trees--practice matching tree silouttes, and practice counting by adding fingerprint apples to trees. Make a fun fox face out of a paper plate. Learn how to draw a bear with step by step directions. Practice making letters with Wikki Stix. Enjoy a forest scene coloring sheet.


The kit will contain supplies for

  • Fox paper-plate craft with video
  • Step by step bear drawing guides with video
  • Letter sheets with Wikki Stix
  • Tree silouette matching activity with video
  • Fingerprint counting page and paint with video
  • Forest coloring sheet
  • Video reading Forest Child by Marni McGee
  • Video for Bear Hunt song


You'll need coloring supplies and glue. Local pickup at LCNS. You'll get access to a Google Drive folder with digital content. 


Forest Take-home Kit

  • For Local Pickup Only, by appointment

    645 Alabama St

    Lawrence, KS 66047

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