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Enjoy a take-home kit based on Deborah Marcero's book In a Jar, along some videos made by LCNS teachers. Explore friendship and how we can stay connected with friends even when we can't see them in person. Go on a nature scavenger hunt to make a collection in a jar, and then count the number of items in the collection. Get a rock and some paint and sealer to create rock art. Learn how to make your own trailmix. Practice upper case letters. Get up and move along to some movement cards. Draw yourself and a friend you've missed seeing. Practice some upper case letters. 


The kit will contain supplies for

  • A jar and nature scavenger hung list, with video
  • A rock with paint, sealer, and cotton swabs for rock art, with video
  • Trail mix directions, with video
  • Coloring sheet with windows to show yourself and a friend you've missed seeing.
  • Capital letter practice sheet
  • Video reading the book
  • Video going through movement cards


You'll need coloring supplies. Local pickup at LCNS. You'll get access to a Google Drive folder with digital content. 


In a Jar Take-home Kit

  • For Local Pickup Only, by appointment

    645 Alabama St

    Lawrence, KS 66047

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