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Enjoy a take-home kit with an outer space theme, along some videos made by LCNS teachers. Hear a story about Pluto wondering where it belongs, with A Place for Pluto, by Stef Wade. Do some hands-on learning about craters with some moondough play, with marbles, rocks, and astronauts. Build your name and a rocketship with with Write Your Name Rocketship craft. Design your own constellations with star cut-outs and chalk. Enjoy some coloring sheets to practice a rocket number countdown, color some space pictures, and also learn about Dr Mae Jemeson, the first Black woman to go into space. 


The kit will contain supplies for

  • Star cut-outs and chalk constellation craft
  • Moondough with rocks, marbles, and astronauts
  • Video reading A Place For Pluto, by Stef Wade
  • Write Your Name Rocketship craft pieces
  • Video with music and movement to Rocketship Run
  • Countdown rocketship sheet, space coloring sheet, and Dr Mae Jemeson sheet


You'll need coloring supplies and glue. Local pickup at LCNS. You'll get access to a Google Drive folder with digital content. 


Outer Space Take-home Kit

  • For Local Pickup Only, by appointment

    645 Alabama St

    Lawrence, KS 66047

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